I am Ray Tsang, from a quiet town of Irvine, California.

I enjoy technology, philosophy, music, sports (tennis, snowboarding, pool, …) and recently addicted to photography.

My Flickr site is http://www.flickr.com/photos/saturnism/


2 thoughts on “About

  1. the prototype idea you described in your latest post looks _exactly_ like the thing i desperately need right now, and i’m very excited by this!

    I have this big project to finish in 3 months, and i really want to use Stripes and Hibernate for it. Since the application is mainly forms and tables (and a _lot_ of them), i was thinking about writing a simple CRUD stack for one entity, refine it and write a generator to create it for each entity. A problem here is of course master/detail relations, but after generating the stack for each entity this shouldn’t be that hard to do i think.
    So in short i’m looking for some shortcuts to be able to finish on time, and this idea looks perfect for the job!
    Could you post some more information on the status of your endeavor? Or do you already happen to have a basic framework for this stuff? I would be happy to contribute whatever advances i make during the project (if time permits of course).

    Hope to hear from you!
    Kind regards,

    Jasper Fontaine

  2. Hi Ray

    I am the editor of “Illustrated of Weapons and Tactics” magazine from Taipei, Taiwan, ROC. I am currently doing an article about John Alison, the famous USAAF ace fighting in China in WWII. As we know, your grandfather, Tsang Tsi-Lan once rescued John Alison’s life by shooting down the Japanese fighter chasing him after the tail of his P-40! It was an amazing story! I am now living in Irvine, and hope to hear from you!

    Here is my e-mail

    Thank you!

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